Saturday, February 4, 2012


I had high hopes for Kristen Hubbard's Wanderlove, and they were fulfilled. Bria was excited for a trip to Europe with her two best friends the summer after high school. When they disappointed her by saying that the trip would not be the best timing, she decided to go on a trip anyway but opted for Central America. However, her dreams of an ideal vacation were quickly dashed when she realized that the rest of her tour group was all middle-aged, rather than the fun teen-aged faces on the brochures!

Nonetheless, a twist of events set Bria on a journey to take risks and shift plans, traveling instead with brother and sister Rowan and Starling. While Starling seemed to be at peace with who she is, Rowan and Bria were both considering events from their pasts, present and who they want to become.

There was so much to love - the characters, the setting, the internal conflicts. I liked how throughout the book we discovered more of the pieces to Rowan's and Bria's pasts in order to better understand their present actions, as well as guessing what they would decide next. Another fun layer to the overall composition of the book was the addition of some of Bria's drawings. It was always a special treat to click and discover the way that Bria was capturing the experience.

I have heard a lot about Hubbard's other novel Like Mandarin, and now I want to read it even more.

*Netgalley e-copy provided. Wanderlove will be released in March.

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  1. I read "Like Mandarin" recently and was impressed by Hubbard's writing. I'll have to check out Wanderlove!


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