Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Pause... For Now

I've been blogging about every middle grade/YA book I have read on this blog since July of 2008 (as well as some on a new blog I started earlier this year to blog alongside my students). I have loved connecting with a community of readers, as well as having a place that I could revisit anywhere with Internet access to refresh my memory about books that I have read and might want to book talk to my class or to individual readers. Blogging, in general has become a big part of my personal and professional life.

And yet, I am starting to realize that I need to prioritize which type of blogging I care about most as I need to get a better balance between family time, professional time and time to myself. For now, I have realized that if I need to cut back on some blogging time that my top priorities are to participate in the Slice of Life community, as well as to document my thinking as a teacher.

I think I have known for a while that I could not keep up with all of the different types of blogging unless I miss out on other aspects of life. It's still hard to shift away from blogging about each and every book. This year I started using Good Reads for the first time. I have been putting links to my blog posts for the review section. I think what I am going to try now is to jot down quick notes about the books. However, rather than seeing others as my audience, I am going to write about them for me, thinking about what I will want to remember about the book. Rather than forming a cohesive blog post with a wider audience in mind, I will focus on capturing what I will want to know in the future when the book is not as fresh  in my mind.

At times I am sure that I will still blog about MG/YA books on my other blogs - either reflecting on reading with my girls or talking about implications for the classroom. Maybe someday there will be time to blog about each book again. Regardless of what happens, my priorities are to always be a part of a community of readers (face to face and via blogging), to participate in on-going dialogues about education, and to document the everyday life. I also started using Twitter earlier this summer, and look forward to some of the possibilities for chatting about books through that avenue.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Aww, understandable, although this blog will be missed. I'll have to subscribe to your teaching blog now!


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